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lso an ideality. Thus the two categories are made equal and parallel. Properly speaking, ideality is not somewhat outside of and beside reality: the notion of ideality just lies in its being the truth

ng he is still conditioned by that from which he flees. If it be also said that the infinite is unattainable, the statement is true, but only because to the idea of infinity has been attached the circ

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o this extent philosophising is wholly passive. Philosophic thought however is equally synthetic, and evinces itself to be the action of the notion itself. To that end, however, there is required an ere. On the one side limit makes the reality of a thing; on the other it is its negation. But, again, the limit, as the negation of something, is not an abstract nothing but a nothing which is ?? whather feasible solution of this issue is to set up natural preserves that provide a sound habitat for the wild animals and plants from any human involvement. Actually, a great many countries have taken

tion of quantity which was the subject of a reproach made above, this, when examined more closely, turns out to consist in the fact that to increase and to decrease means precisely to determine the maly reach a point where understanding permits no further advance: but they get over the difficulty without trouble. They make a break in the strict sequence of their procedure, and assume whatever they


philosophy forms as it were the bridge between the sensible and the supersensible. This tells us how we should assess the view of those who hold that Pythagoras obviously went too far in interpreting. Philosophical thought proceeds analytically, in so far as it only accepts its object, the Idea, and while allowing it its own way, is only, as it were, an onlooker at its movement and development. T


n laugh. But they do not bring happiness, because their positive effects end when the fun ends.     去游乐场或去看球赛,看电影或看电视,这些都是娱乐活动,有助于我们放松心,暂时忘却己的难,甚至让我放声大笑。但如不同股票之间或不同债券之间)的相关性也样 For corporate treasurers hoping to exert some control over their cost of equity, correlated markets make life difficult. It is also harder for fund managers to beat