en asked, why slavery has vanished from modern Europe. One special circumstance after another has been adduced in explanation of this phenomenon. But the real ground why there are no more slaves in Ch


edom. When, as now, the notion is called the truth of Being and Essence, we must expect to be asked, why do we not begin with the notion? The answer is that, where knowledge by thought is our aim, we

is when Thomas Edison tested thousands of materials before he discovered the right one for his incandescent lamp. There are many such stories and the point is always the same: Don't allow fear of fail

ops for a moment, nods to me and goes。我今晨坐在窗前,世界同人,停下,我点点头,又走了7. There little thoughts are the rustle of leaves; they have their whisper of joy in my mind。这思想,是树叶的簌簌之声,在我的

ht buld is turned on in the dark tunnel of your mind as a thought or an idea crosses your mind. The thought catches your attention but seems so meaningless and you are tempted to discard it, but wait

Not calling him, making him jealous and acting 'busy', are just some of themandments in the bestselling book by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, published in 1995, that Blake reportedly heeded tof the season, and one of the few films to use digital technology for nuanced dramatic effect.今,由数以万亿的二进制数字信号组成的电节充斥荧屏,其,一小撮活跃的信号组成了部精致巧妙,情节连贯,人感同受的电影。我讲的就是制作s the fact from the conditions in which it is potentially present, and which gives existence to the fact by abolishing the existence possessed by the conditions. In so far as these three elements stan

eral, unreflected immediacy and transition into another. Existence is immediate unity of being and reflection: hence appearance: ites from the ground, and falls to the ground. In actuality this un. Beyond and above mere appearancees in the first place Actuality, the third grade of Essence, of which we shall afterwards speak. In the history of Modern Philosophy, Kant has the merit of first


间强症: 我喜欢自己非常的忙, 喜在有限的时间做很东, 喜过分地利用时间. 比, 工作以后, 我既想好, 又想看书学习, 又想关注招聘的信, 又想把一些翻译练习和日写完 这强症的好是以我每天睁开眼就知道己做, 然后飞快地把事情件件完成; 不好的地to the charge of mere jugglery and an over strained precisionism.  §145 能与偶然性是现实性的两个节,—即内与外,作为设定起来的两单纯的形式,这些形式构成现实事物的在性它在自规定了的现实事物里或内里,以它们的自反映作为它


her say you’re very distressed for losing your daughter… The girl timidly handed the band-aid tightly held in her hand to the neighbor.The neighbor suddenly choked with sobs, her tears gushing from hof thinghood and subsists for itself. But Matter, which is meant to be the positive and indeterminate existence, contains, as an existence, reflection on another, every whit as much as it contains sel