particular, it is also the concrete universal, the implicit identity of both. This universal, as simply reflected in itself, is the content which remains unchanged through all the three termini of th


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in the preceding paragraph, the first syllogism is the syllogism of thereness or qualitative syllogism, (1) S-P-U: that a subject as something-singular is con-cluded with a universal determinacy throu

y that than which nothing greater can be thought is that than which a greater can be thought. But obviously this is impossible. ] According to the determinations which we have now reached, finite thin


elf?6?1regarding inwardness and enters into dealings with the environing objectivity. This supplies the step from the merely Subjective End to the purposive action which tends outwards. §206 的的single. “是的,”我承道,使劲想找出些道理来说每逢时,我便希望自己有人可依靠。一以出正确道理、帮我的小女儿解决难题的人可经过场可悲的婚姻和痛苦的离后,我倾向于当单身母亲,并且我还度坚决地告诉每要给我介绍象的人说我要抱定终不嫁 "I don't thi人类,由人类就获得到解救这就无异于宣称,与主的对立便自在地克服了至于何去分这解救,如何放弃我们直接的主观(摆脱掉那旧的亚当),并证悟到上帝即是我们真实的本质的我,那就我们己的事情了 正宗教和宗教崇拜在于克服主与客的对立,同样,特别

dness sublates itself, generally speaking, in the fact that the Concept sublates itself into the object, the opposite one-sidedness. That ";sameness inthemselves" also must therefore determinness and have tried to justify not using it on that account. This paragraph and the one following show that syllogising of this kind is quite pointless for the truth. Under the aspect that is dealt wi


een this form and any other rational content, for instance, a rational principle, a rational action or idea, etc. There is, in general, much talk of "reason" and it is frequently appealed tosolar system, so for example in the practical sphere the state is a system of three syllogisms. (1) The Individual or person, through his particularity or physical or mental needs (which when carried


s to be a mere object to them; and ipso facto he ceases to be an ob-ject of fear and terror, as God was especially in the religious consciousness of the Romans. Then later, in the Christian religion,人有发明能力的等等)那直接的个体过特殊性便失掉其独立,进与的事物联系在起人作为这一人来说,便不复仅这一的人,是与别的人站在起,因成为众人中的一分子。由于这样,他便又属于他的普遍,因他就提高了。特殊判既是定的,又否定的果些物体是